CHI 2020 has a selection of hotels with special rates for conference attendees.

HotelRateDistance from Venue
Ala Moana HotelKona Tower $189.00 + tax0.2 miles
Waikiki Tower $219.00 + tax 
Waikiki Tower Ocean View $239.00 + tax
Waikiki Tower Student Volunteer $164.25 (SOLD OUT)
Hilton Hawaiian Village
Resort View Room $240.00 + tax 0.7 miles
The Modern HotelStandard Room $225.00 + tax0.6 miles
Prince Waikiki HotelOcean View Room $249.00 + tax0.6 miles

Ala Moana Hotel

Hilton Hawaiian Village

The Modern Hotel

  • Rate: Standard Room $225.00 + tax
  • Address: 1775 Ala Moana Blvd, Honolulu
  • Distance from Venue: 0.6 miles (12 min walk)
  • Booking:
  • Important Notice: The Modern Hotel is undergoing renovations to some guest room floors and the renovations will continue over the CHI Conference Dates. We expect the noise impact to be minimal and it will not impact common areas, but we want all attendees who book at this property to be aware. (We chose to include this hotel in our list as the rate is a significant discount that might be appealing to some attendees.) If you have any questions or concerns regarding these renovations, please contact the hotel directly for more details.

Prince Waikiki Hotel