Papers Review Process


The aim of this page is to provide authors with an overview of the process and schedule for reviewing papers.  In sharing this we have two aims:

  1. to ensure that authors are aware of the review process for their paper.
  2. to provide an insight into how tight the time frame is for all the required steps and enable an understanding of why shifts in dates are generally impossible.


SCs – Subcommittee Chairs

ACs – Associate Chairs

1AC – Primary AC (leading the review process)

2AC – Second AC

3AC – Third AC

Recent Changes

  • CHI 2020  is continuing with a virtual PC meeting. The main change from CHI 2019 is that the 2AC will no longer invite an external reviewer; instead, the 1AC will invite all external reviewers. The 1AC will write a meta-review (and no personal review of the work), and the 2AC will write a personal review. One undesirable consequence of  having the 2AC invite an external reviewer was that the 2AC and external reviewer knew each others’ identify, yet they wrote ‘peer’ reviews of the paper.
  • Similar to CHI2019, we have early rejects (both desk and quick rejects). The policy can be found here.


We expect approximately 3,750 titles and abstracts to be submitted by the initial deadline. Approximately 3,000 will turn into complete papers. This will require the production of at least 6,000 high-quality external reviews + 3,000 high-quality AC reviews + 3,000 high-quality meta-reviews – a process that is locked in to be finalized within a very tight 11 week turn-around period if it is to meet the (fixed) publisher deadline.