CHI 2020 Logo

If you wish, you may use the CHI 2020 logo and other files on this page in your presentation, video, internal newsletter, booklet or other means and purposes of communication. However, these images may not be used to imply endorsement or support of any organization, program, effort, or persons. Due to the temporality of this logo as each conference has its own logo (see, it might be useful to include visual references to ACM (see and, or, ACM SIGCHI (see Please see ACM’s guidelines on using their visual identities. 

In any occasion, please use the full colour version for your purpose. We have a CMYK version for printing, and a RGB for any screen based applications. Only in cases where full-colour is impossible, or discouraged (e.g. due to increased costs of screen printing), you can use the black or white single-color version of the logo. Please do not divert from black or white, and choose between these according to the light or dark background it will be displayed on.

The colors used are: Cardinal (#c90a33), Neon Carrot (#fa9a32), and Islamic Green (#00990f)

For screens

Full Logo Vector EPS RGB (screen)
Full Logo PNG RGB (screen)
Symbol only Vector EPS RGB (screen)
Symbol only PNG RGB (screen)

For printing

Full Logo Vector EPS CMYK (print)
Full Logo JPG CMYK (print)
Symbol only Vector EPS CMYK (print)
Symbol only JPG CMYK (print)

Single color (e.g. screen printing)

Full Logo Vector EPS Black (mono color)
Full Logo Vector EPS White (mono color)