Goals of the sustainability team at CHI 2020

This team is working towards ensuring that CHI2020 contributes positively to a regenerative socioecological transformation. We will help develop and promote best practices for increasing the environmental and social sustainability of the conference, reducing its impacts. The team aims to:

  1. Support the general chairs in embedding sustainable decision making into the conference, its organization and messaging;
  2. Inform policy on travel, logistics, and sourcing to promote sustainable values, including reducing and offsetting travel, lowering the environmental impacts, reducing waste, reducing energy use, and promoting engagement with social and ethical enterprises;
  3. Collect data to understand the impact of the conference and make this data available to support year on year comparison of venues and decisions made;
  4. Track the impacts to the conference of sustainable choices to support more effective budget planning for future conferences;
  5. Encourage consideration of environmental and social sustainability in the paper program.