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Changes to the Technical Program

As we approach the first of the main submission deadlines for CHI2020, we thought we’d provide a quick summary of some of the changes happening in the Technical Program for CHI2020.

Templates! As you’re undoubtedly all too aware, last year’s templates created all sorts of problems. We’ve therefore reverted to a version of the CHI2018 templates, but with a few modifications. Please use the templates on the CHI2020 website, accessible here.

Accessibility. We are pushing to improve the accessibility for all submissions. We expect authors to provide figure descriptions (alt text) for images in their PDFs. Because these might be difficult to include in a PDF at submission time, we’ve provided a dedicated text field in the submission form. There are details on how to do this within the templates, and the main guide is here.

Additionally, if you’re a reviewer and require further assistance regarding accessibility for a submission under your review, you can request assistance by e-mailing at paper-accessibility-assistance@chi2020.acm.org. See details here.

Student Design Competition. This year we’ve re-introduced the Student Game Competition, which is replacing the Student Design Competition. See the call for the Student Game Competition here.

PCS2.0. Lots of work has gone into adding and modifying features in PCS2.0, so we’re *hoping* that everything will go smoothly there. But, with the submission loads increasing every year, and with a long history of breakdowns in the final minutes before submission deadlines, you would be well advised to submit early if at all possible.

Early rejects. Similar to CHI19, this year we will have early rejects (both desk and quick rejects). The definitions and policy have been revised for clarity and can be found here.

Guide to Successful Submission. We have worked with the Transparent Statistic Research Group to improve the guidelines for transparency from CHI2019, for both quantitative and qualitative research, and have achieved a new set of proposed guidelines, which you can find here. This is an ongoing effort, the CHI Steering Committee is engaging with this community group in order to facilitate the revision and adoption of the proposed guidelines. The current CHI guidelines are here.

We look forward to receiving your submissions!
TPC Team
Joanna McGrenere, Andy Cockburn, Nacho Avellino, Alix Goguey